Introducing These Fashionable Twins!

Before joining the Rent Pearl squad, these two stylish siblings spent time with our good friend Lindsey at Wildflower Event Designs. We were so enamored with the magic and beauty they created that we just had to add them to our collection when the opportunity arose!  


Ava is a fun, stylish addition to any room, whose red color symbolizes her zest for life and the fiery spirit of a Sagittarius. In her free time, she enjoys going on solo walks around town or attending various music and arts festivals. Sometimes she will attend open mic nights at her local bar. While a social butterfly by nature, she also relishes the more chill nights with her sibling and a charcuterie board to recharge her social battery.

While her strong aura may be intimidating at first, all you need is to be down to go on late-night adventures to be her new best friend. Her luxurious velvet feel and rich red color invite individuals to embark on a journey of comfort and style.

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Favorite food: Phở

Likes: Bar crawls, peanut butter and chocolate, loud music

Dislikes: Routine, being told what to do, and the smell of rosemary



The calming water to their sister’s burning fire, Riley finds the most joy and comfort in their own company (and that of their cat and plant children). At parties, while Ava is mingling and finding instant besties, Riley is content to grab a drink and people-watch. But as a music lover, if a good pop song is playing, you might just catch Riley coming out of their shell.

As shy and introverted as they may seem, at heart, Riley is the best company someone could ask for at a party. Riley is an empath and senses the energy of a person, allowing them to forge a bond with them like no one else. Riley’s velvet exterior makes for the perfect spot for relaxation – their gentle, rounded design, symbolizes the nurturing nature of Cancer.

Pronouns: They/them/theirs

Zodiac sign: Cancer 

Favorite food: Steak and mashed potato dinner 

Likes: Boba, beach days with the family, wine 

Dislikes: Sudden changes in plans, snakes, wet socks 

Dimensions: 34” tall x 29” wide 

Price: $150

Photo credit: Cora Jane Photography

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