Photographer: Elizabeth Grant Photography

Benny Boucle’s white plush fabric and delicately woven arms are the epitome of a Virgo and their refined taste. Just like a typical Virgo, Benny exudes a sense of luxurious practicality and reliability. It’s the perfect spot for someone who appreciates both comfort and simplicity.  

Photographer: Dan Brehant Photography

Pronouns: he/him/his 

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Favorite food: Stirfry 

Likes: sudoku, running, docu-series

Dislikes: Drama, unreliable people, being late 

Dimensions: 32.3” H x 30.30” L x 23.65” W 

Price: $120

Photographer: Elizabeth Grant Photography

A natural homebody, you can typically find Benny at home trying out new recipes with a docuseries playing in the background. When he does go out, though he might not be a social butterfly as some of his friends may be, he is willing to lend a listening ear to whoever may need it. At any event, Benny provides a cozy space during moments of memory-making and celebrating, while also serving as a stylish and functional addition to to any event.

Photographer: Melanie Ruth Photography


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