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Fall in Love with Louis Leather Sofa

We are delighted to present: Louis Leather Sofa  Louis is a sofa who knows exactly what he likes. Louis enjoys the finer things in life and takes great pride in curating a space that is a cozy and inviting environment. He loves to purchase art and unique decor from thrift stores and yard sales. Every […]

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Virgo Vibes: Meet Benny Boucle

MEET BENNY BOUCLE Benny Boucle’s white plush fabric and delicately woven arms are the epitome of a Virgo and their refined taste. Just like a typical Virgo, Benny exudes a sense of luxurious practicality and reliability. It’s the perfect spot for someone who appreciates both comfort and simplicity.   Pronouns: he/him/his  Zodiac sign: Virgo Favorite food: […]

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Meet Rent Pearl’s Newest Arrivals!

We can’t wait to share our newest pieces! We hope you love them and their unique personalities as much as we do!   Reneé Sofa Reneé catches the eye with her distinct style and luxurious feel yet she has a warm and inviting aura. She is a unique and charming focal point in any space. […]

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Vibe with Vanna Sofa

Vibe with Vanna!   Vanna is your typical take-charge and stubborn Capricorn. While she may not always be a team player, she loves to take a break from all her type-A activities to let loose with all her pals. In her free time, she loves heading into the city to try all the newest restaurants […]

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Unwind with Winona Weave Chair!

Meet Winona! Winona is a laid back easy going gal but she can be shy and insecure at times — oblivious to her charms that are obvious to everyone else. She is a very smart and sophisticated being that loves everyone once she opens up and who loves her in return. She has a beautiful […]

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Happy to Meet Sage Sofa!

Happy to Meet Sage Sofa Sage is a charming and mellow Pisces that loves doodling and listening to podcasts in their free time. They are that free and easy going friend that all friend groups have and can’t live without. They love going to parties with the best kinds of people. At first, people are […]

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Summer Sale Alert! 15% Off All Rentals!

July 31-August 14 Rent Pearl’s 2023 Summer Sale!!! 15% off ALL rentals!!   Use code SUMMER15 in the notes when you submit your wishlist!     To qualify, all orders must meet state minimums before taxes and fees. Connecticut – $750 New York, Rhode Island & Massachusetts – $1,000 For 2023 events only. Offer does […]

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This gold and white lounge is available as a rentable package on our Rent Pearl Website

Lounge Packages Are Now Available!

Rent Pearl is excited to announce that premade lounge packages are now available for rental!   All lounges are designed by Rent Pearl, except for a special few designed by local wedding planners! Whether it’s a rustic inn wedding or a New England style garden party, we got you covered!   Find the perfect match […]

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Bride and groom pose on luxury furniture rental

Simply Sweet Sofia Settee

She is a classy lady whose charm lies in her simplicity. This is Sofia! Nothing beats an iced-tea on a summer day in the same way that Sofia’s simple yet elegant design is what makes her so captivating. With her cream color, subtle curves, and wood details, people can’t help but be drawn to her. […]

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Shelves of various luxury furniture

Meet Movie Stars: Whitney and Houston!

You might have seen these two siblings on set of the 2022 movie, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody! Whitney and Houston were hidden gems found on Facebook Marketplace. They were the ones that inspired the creation of Rent Pearl!  Whitney is a bubbly gal that lights up every room that she is in. […]

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